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                        1. Company Concept

                          Management ideas

                          People oriented
                          Exploit and innovate
                          Satisfy customer's requirement
                          Make friends with nature
                          Originate satisfying company

                          Environment ideas

                          Advocating resource-saving
                          Protect earth and coexist
                          Stand to statute and prevent pollution
                          Produce cleanly and keep good hygier

                          Management guideline

                          Improve staff's quality
                          Manufacture trusting products
                          Depend on technology creative
                          Set up SSD first-rate brand

                          Quality guideline

                          Focused on the customer
                          Insure their satisfaction
                          Total involvement
                          Continual Improvement

                          Safety guideline

                          Safety first
                          Everyone responsible
                          Guard against preferential
                          Keep away danger
                          Enhance training
                          Stop peccancy
                          Encounter calmly
                          Report immediately
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