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                        1. Company Profile

                          Ningbo SSD Magnetics Co., Ltd is a hi-tech private enterprise, specialized in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and servicing of Alnico magnets and FeCrCo magnets.

                          Founded in December 2001,SSD mainly produces cast AlNiCo magnet ,sintered AlNiCo magnet ,Cast FeCrCo magnet and other magnetic components with annual output of 8 hundred tons of Alnico magnets and 2.5 hundred tons of FeCrCo magnets.SSD has a complete range of the grades for AlNICo magnet and FeCrCo ,and have more than 10,000pcs items.The alnico alloys we produce are up to the international advanced standard. Especially the high performance of permanent alnico magnet, with its high coercive force and stability, lower coefficient of Br and excellent temperature stability, We have a big advantage for producing small parts with the high precision ,low costs ,high efficiency.The new developed FeCrCo magnet uses the world advanced production process,and has the excellent magnetic properties ,stable production process .The smallest diameter for the FeCrCo magnet can reach 0.1mm,and the thinnest strips for the FeCrCo magnet can reach 0.06mm which expands the usage of the FeCrCo magnet .

                          SSD has more than 100 employees ,including more than 30 technical persons who are with the College Degree or above .SSD is AlNiCo magnet and FeCrCo magnet production base and has a group of experienced experts and engineers who can provide the qualified products and service for the customers .

                          The products are widely used in all kinds of meters and instruments,automotive,home appliance,textile machinery ,teaching apparatus,wind power generation,acoustics and audios, motors, national defense,the aerospace industry and other high-tech filed .

                          Since its foundation, SSD sticks to the development strategy of "becoming a world brand with high quality, advanced technology and perfect service"and regards the R&D as the core competitiveness of the company .SSD has its own advanced laboratory and testing center.

                          SSD has obtained the certifications of ISO9001:2008,ISO14001:2004,TS16949:2000 and strictly control accordance with the system requirements .

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